Marianne and John celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. They commissioned me to make a medal for the occasion. From the first encounter, falling in love, the kiss is a beautiful symbol. I printed the stylized portraits of the couple each on a side. He is looking at voile of his future bride and she is looking at the corsage of her future man. When the disk is whirled around the spectator can see the two portraits kissing. Playing the music box at the same time gives the romantic atmosphere of the marriage.

In the preparation I had a personal conversation with the couple. Elements of that conversation are visualized in the booklet.

This concept can be used for many wedding occasions, marriages and wedding anniversaries. Please contact me for more details.

Material:     Bronze, aluminum, booklet, music machine.

Size box:    16 x 16 cm

Size disk:    8 x 0,5 cm

Year:           2016

Music on the music box: ‘La vie en rose’.