To give more context to the 4D work ‘Respiration’, (beyond in this 3D section) I made a number of small works based on the theme: ‘Time Based’ – a title which is used in academic institutions and in museums. Moving images have to do with time. This static object recreates how we deal with time. ‘Running Round’ is based on Muybridge’s photographs of a running man.

Materials:    Bronze            

Size:            7 x 1 cm, 5 x 4 cm en 5 x 2 cm.       

Issue:          6                  

Date:           2008       

Running Round has won the FIDEM Grand Prix 2010    

And is included in the collection of The British Museum in London

Many of the miniature sculptures I made, and also the hinge sculptures, show a connection to the Dutch miniature sculptures from the late Middle Ages. In 2017 the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam showed the most sophisticated and mysterious works of Dutch art in an exhibition called ‘Small Wonders’. It unlocks 500-year old secrets; religious miniature scenes carved in boxwood on a very small scale.