During the master class ‘Over the Edge’ experiments with form, materials and concepts together with our monthly meetings involved exhaustive discussions of work in progress.

These works never reached production but despite an often tenuous relationship they all contained elements of the final product within them.

The written out contents of a CD is another approach to the concept contained in ‘Press, Play and Listen’. The pile of rolled up paper held by sugar tongs (because it was to hand) contained the first newspaper cuttings used in The Architecture of the Mind’. Because of the way they are put together, it was possible to unfold them and set them straight up, thus giving the object more ‘volume’.

As a carrier of information the computer circuit board or a cassette tape could be considered essential to communication in modern-day life. How would alien life or people in five centuries time look at such objects? Would they look at them in the same way as we look for answers in hieroglyphics?

These studies are the precursors of work such as ‘Sakkara’ and ‘This is not a medal’ and they have contributed a great deal to the finished work.