Large objects or pieces of art easily impress or impose. But how does that work with small objects? Research during my artist in residency in Cardiff about how great the impact of small objects are in peoples lives resulted in an interesting collection and insight. On Facebook and in emails I asked people to post me a photograph of a small object that makes a big impact in your life. The object should not be larger than 10 cm. and other than jewelry. A short description of the impact this small object has, should be added. Remarkable was to discover in people and in the objects presented, the tipping point when the object is an ordinary tool and when it becomes a piece of ‘jewelry’ and becomes a loved and respected object. Objects are dead ornaments in our lives, but brought to life by our own minds and sometimes assigned special powers. When and how do these small gems change our lives? Showed here, is a selection of the objects sent to me. The choices show warm feelings and thankfulness towards the objects; memories people add and sometimes superstition. Visitors of this website who feel inspired, please send me a photograph with a short description of a small object that has great impact on your life. Please send it to: Elly Baltus