IKAE Experience. Billy Bookcase is the most popular cupboard Ikea produced. Time for a medal. Do you recognize your trip to IKEA; entering the labyrinth of furniture? The beautiful packaging which you can pick up from a numbered scaffolding? The trouble you get into when you try to assemble the phantasy you bought? And the piles of used cupboards, tables, chairs, mattresses and other disposable fancy furniture.

Material:                          Bronze, plywood, cardboard, plastic

Size box:                         10,5 x 4,5 x 2 cm

Size mini cupboard:        10 x 8 x 1,5 cm.

Year:                                2019

Edition:                            n.o.t.


You will:

-Demonstrate a 100% sustainable future. -You will get in the car and drive to the nearest IKEA store outside the city. -You will recognize it as a big blue box in the landscape. -You will drive into the car park that is situated right in front of our door. -You will park the car and walk 10 meters to arrive at the revolving door. -You will step into the door, in which you experience our rotating showroom. –Especially for you we put in our newest products. -You step out of the door and you feel our new heat blower in winter. -When you step out of the door in summer you feel our new air conditioning working. -You are welcomed by a sign on the wall; saying –Good to see you-. –You climb up the stairs and enter the wonderful world of affordable disposable furniture. -You feel the promise you’ve been given. -You pick up a yellow plastic carrier bag and look at the blue signpost that says follow the numbered signs to find what you are looking for. –After passing a couple of promo cages with accessories you will enter our displayed living rooms. -You will sit on at least 5 different sofas and pretend you are testing and them. -You feel that this activity is useful time filling in this environment. -On the blue signpost you try to find out how long it takes to arrive at the place where you can find what you are looking for. -You will then walk on to the displayed living room-cupboards and nonchalantly open and close a couple. -You will press a button of a stereo situated in one of our showroom lounges and notice that it is a plastic model. -You look at the bookshelves and in some of them you see a row of books. –You discover that they are fake too. -You pick up an information sheet from a plastic display tray on the wall. -You take a small pencil from another tray. -You chose Billy bookcase and write down the very long product number and the warehouse rack number so you will find the cupboard you desire. -You walk on in the direction of the stream other people are walking. -You want to get out now. -You pass the dining rooms, but you are losing interest. -The path slaloms you through all the displayed kitchens, the kitchen furniture and kitchen products. -You open and close all the cupboard doors of our installed kitchens. -You start to feel bored. -You try to find a shorter route but all what happens is you are sent back to the displays you have already passed. -You don’t understand the floor plan. -You enter the displayed bedrooms. -You feel like you are acting in someone else’s dream. -Then you find hundreds of bedroom cupboards in your way. -You keep on dreaming. -You want to move on to find the exit. -But no way, Child World opens up for you. -Screaming kids and dads and mums are all over the place blocking your way. -You want to escape but end up in the displayed workspaces. -You try to avoid the yellow vested staff members that want you to join their Family. -You smell the food from the family restaurant and try to pass it as quickly as possible. -You see many fat people and kids having snacks in the restaurant. -You will find the staircase and you run down in relief. -You think you might have found the exit. -But nothing is less true than that. -The whole circus starts again. -The cooking and eating section appears in front of you. -Thousands of useful useless products are on display. -You think you might need something now you are finally here. -You can’t think of anything you need and put a spaghetti spoon in the yellow bag that you are still carrying and is still empty. -Then bedroom curtains, cushions, bed linen and tea towels impose on you. -It comes in mind that you might not have enough of them at home but you hold back on buying any. -You walk on, in the direction of the path that doesn’t lead you to the direction you want. -The Labyrinth you are in leads you to the displayed bathrooms. -You don’t want bathrooms. -You don’t want any of the disposable furniture in this freaky warehouse anymore. -You want to get out! -The store keeps on presenting you with all the store away products it has. -Billy appears again and you start hating this cupboard. -You are asking yourself why you wanted to buy a cupboard here. The only answer is: because it’s cheap. -You are getting a terrible headache from the fluorescent lights in the immense blue box. -The lighting department seems to produce lots of this. -You walk quickly through it. -You see a bulk package of cheap batteries. -You grab one and throw it in the yellow bag. -You are disappointed by the thought that you let yourself be persuaded buying something. -You get irritated. -You want to get out immediately. - You try to move faster to find the exit but you are hold back by wandering people. -You slalom on through the artificial living spaces of disposable furniture. -Flying carpets and artificial animal skins cover floors, walls and ceilings. -You get claustrophobic. -Mirrors and wallpapers move you in a different direction and through all kinds of home decorations. -The store finally opens itself up to the self-service warehouse. -You let out a sigh of relief, but at the same time your breath stops because you realize you’d forgotten to take a cart at the entrance. -The store predicted you’d forgotten one and put some near the racks. -You pick up a cart. -You start looking for the right scaffolding with your Billy in it. -You walk along the scaffoldings with numbers on them. -You finally find your number. -The shelf is full of different sizes cardboard boxes with long numbers on them. -You compare the numbers you wrote down on the piece of paper, but you doubt the correctness. -You load a couple of heavy cardboard boxes on your cart. -You like to disappear to the check out now. -You are confronted with second life product sales with massive reductions. -You struggle to get around them, but your eye catches a returned and reduced in price Billy bookcase. -You hesitate to buy that one instead. -You don’t want to take the heavy boxes of the cart again and put them back in the scaffolding. -You notice a sign saying: “If installing is not your hobby”. -You ask yourself so what íf it is not your hobby? -You notice the advertisement for a 100% sustainable future and that our products have a positive influence on people and the planet. -You still did not reach the counter. –With your cart you struggle yourself through hundreds of cardboard boxes. -The yellow signs make clear that this is your last chance. –You finally reach an area full of people with loaded up carts. -You patiently push your cart behind a family with two screaming daughters. -You arrive at something that looks like a check out but it has no checkout lady. -It takes you some time to find out what to do. -You pick up a machine and you scan your Billy Bookcase. -You see the price appearing on the display, but you don’t know what to do. -The orange light above you starts flashing and makes an irritating noise. -You did not intend to, but it looks like you stole something. –A sales assistant comes running up to you and asks you if you have a family card. -She presses a button and tells you to scan your credit card now. -You have no credit card. You want to pay cash. -That seems to be impossible and you agree to pay by debit card. -The machine seems to accept it, but first asks you if you want to become part of the family. -After a nerve wrecking too long search on the electronic display you find the –no- button. -The machine asks you to donate for a sustainable environment. -You hesitate and quickly press the –no- button again. -The machine asks you if you want to buy any more products. -You press –no- again. -The machine asks you if you want to check out now. -You nearly press the –no- button again, but just in time you find there is a –yes- button. -You press the green –yes- button. -A half a meter long slip roles out of the machine. -The machine tells you to take the slip as guarantee and says in electronic sound –Good Bye-. -You take your cart with the cardboard Billy Bookcase boxes and you try to find the exit. -You pass rows of canned, boxed, frozen and wrapped Scandinavian products. -You can order a salmon sandwich, in case you might feel hungry during your trip home. -You see big signs saying –swap and return-. -You go the other way and find the exit door. -Finally you find yourself outside the blue box. -In the meantime it had started raining. -You try to find your car. -Your cardboard boxes become all speckled with raindrops and become soaking wet before you can lift them in your car. -Heavy rain is guiding you home.