The development of ‘Dust to Dust’ began during the master class ‘Over the Edge’ organized by the Dutch art medal organization, VPK, and held in The Hague in 2004-2005. The prototype of ‘Dust to Dust’ was milled in bronze. It is best described as ‘a machine that makes forms from earth’. The impermanence and fragility of the earth form is in contrast with the solid metal of the mold. After the ‘Over the Edge’ exhibition in Museum Beelden aan Zee, the British Art Medal Society (BAMS) invited me to issue this work on their behalf. To emphasize the industrial character of this work, it was decided to fabricate it in steel. It is accompanied by an instruction CD. This work is the subject of an article in the international magazine, ‘The Medal’, Autumn, 2007. This work can only be purchased via the BAMS.

One example was acquired by the British Museum, London.

Materials: Bronze, earth in a bag, DVD with instructions

Size: 12 x 3 cm